Equine Sports Massage Clinics

horse massageEquine Massage for Those on a Budget
If money is tight and you can’t afford to get your horse massaged as often as you would like, Equine Muscle Menders has a solution. Put a group of like-minded friends together and we will come to your barn and show you how to massage your own horse!

Get Rid of the Aches, Pain & Tension
Learn where your horse stores the tension that’s causing aches and pains, and discover how to work out the kinks, relieve stress, and improve suppleness.

During the Equine Muscle Menders clinic, participants will learn the benefits of equine sports massage therapy and why it is a must-have tool to keep your horse healthy and prevent stress, injuries and illness.

Here’s what You’ll Learn…
• Equine anatomy with a particular focus on muscle groups
• How to detect common problems (head, neck, shoulder, back, hindquarters, forelegs, hind legs, tendons)
• How to effectively perform hands-on massage … how to palpatate and stroke for the best results
• The basic techniques for maintenance massage and an introduction to pre-event and post-event massage
• Special problems caused by improper use of equipment (saddles, side reigns, girths, etc.) and how to recitify them

How to Book a Clinic – $159pp
The cost is $159 per person for a four-hour session. Organize a small group of five to ten horses and owners for a personalized clinic at your own barn or boarding facility. Small groups allow each participant to receive plenty of hands-on individualized attention. Classes are relaxed, enjoyable and focused on the needs of individual students. Note: Clinics for larger groups are available using one or two demonstration horses donated by participants.

Reserve a time now!
So give us a call. There is no better time than the present to learn how to better care for your equine partner – who deserves all the TLC you can offer.


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