About Jean

About Jean MacDougall-Tattan

I am a writer and an author who has loved animals of all kinds since as far back as I can remember. At a very young age I wanted to surround myself with horses. I grew up in Andover, Massachusetts, in a rural section of town across the street from the Shawsheen River. Along the river were a dairy farm, a horse boarding facility and a Palomino horse farm. I spent my spare time watching the horses, praying that someday I would own one.

My dream of having a horse of my own didn’t come true until I turned 36 and adopted a 15-year-old thoroughbred cross who needed a home. He was over 16 hands tall, underweight with little muscle, and he was not  sound. His name was Official Business or “Biz” for short.

When I met Biz he reminded me of a fallen prince. When I looked into his eyes, I knew that at one time he had been something very special and I wanted that for him again.

Little by little we learned to trust one another and eventually a strong bond developed between us. It was satisfying to watch him transform back into a beautiful animal with the help of proper nutrition, good grooming and lots of love. His coat changed from a dull chestnut to a rich copper with golden threading. It took a year, but we finally built up his weight. A year later he was not only plump, but very fit with solid muscle. He was absolutely gorgeous and he owned my heart because we were a team. We accomplished everything together.

During recovery, Biz needed lots of TLC, so I went to equine massage demonstrations, rented tapes, read books on massage and practiced on Biz. My efforts were rich in rewards because I knew how much he appreciated it. Biz was my greatest teacher. He taught me to be patient and understanding, and how to read body language. He made me a better person.

Our time together lasted only five years. At the age of 19 Biz died from a tumor in the small intestine. It was devastating because it had never entered my mind that Biz could die of anything but old age at home with us. I thought Biz and I would have decadeds together, but I get great solace in knowing that the best years of his life were the last five he spent living at our home with me, my husband Greg, our daughter Jillian and our son Jason. Biz was part of our family.

It took over a year for me to even think about another horse, and then I met Magic – a small Morab with a big personality. He was very athletic and an opportunist who taught me to pay attention if I wanted to stay in my saddle. For years our horses reaped the benefit of equine sports massage therapy and I now have 25 years experience massaging horses in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

I am state licensed, nationally board certified, and a certified medical massage practitioner  for people,  a certified equine and canine massage therapist, and a reiki master.

My services are reiki and massage for horses, riders and canine companions.


Credentials & Education

NH Institute for Therapeutic Arts
Hudson, NH
Licensed in MA, NH
National Certification 

LMT Success Group
Andover, MA
Certification, Medical Massage Practitioner 

B.L.A. English/Psychology
University of Massachusetts, Lowell
National Dean’s List

A.A., Liberal Arts
Northern Essex Community College
Haverhill, Ma.
High honors

Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification
Round Hill, Virginia

Canine Massage Therapy Certification
Round Hill, Virginia

Reiki I Certification
Carol Westcott, Reiki Master
Newburyport, Ma.

Reiki II Certification
Carol Westcott, Reiki Master
Newburyport, Ma.

Advanced Reiki Certification
Roger and Pam Mailloux, Diane McNulty
Reiki Masters and Teachers
Haverhill, Ma.

Reiki Master Certification
Roger and Pam Mailloux
Reiki Masters and Teachers
Haverhill, Ma.


Inducted into the YWCA Academy of Women, Haverhill, MA
New England Press Association, First Place for Editorial

Named one of the 60 most influential women in the Merrimack Valley by the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce.

New England Press Association, first place for outstanding achievement in environmental reporting.

New England Press Association, third place for outstanding achievement in health reporting.

National Dean’s List, honorary award recognizing academically gifted students nominated by their college dean. One half of one percent of all college graduates qualify.

Who’s Who in America, nominated and placed in the category of “Up and Coming Young Women in Communications.”